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Private Spirit Gathering Events In Your Home

Spirit Gathering Events are opportunities for up to 10 individuals to come together at a host or hostesses’ home to experience connections between the living and friends and family that have made their transition to the Other-side. Everyone sits together in a room and Deanna works to make the connection with Spirit for members present.

The Events last approx 2 hours and the price is $800.00. Most people divide the cost between the guests. (This reflects a price increase that came into effect with anyone booking into 2020. The price for 2019 is $700.00)

If the distance is greater then 45 miles(from Middletown Delaware), there will be an additional cost. This will be determined at the time of the booking. A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking. The deposit can be deducted from the total cost at the event. (This would mean that $700.00 would be due at event. Unless you are booking in 2019 and then $ due). The hostess is responsible for the required amount should attendees not show up. (Some hostesses decide to collect funds in advance). Also, please collect funds prior to Deanna's arrival if possible.  And due to the advanced scheduling, Deanna is no longer offering a PIF option on line for these groups. If you would like to pay in advance the month before the event you can email Deanna at

Deanna's intention is to make a connection for each person present but this may not always be the case and there are no guarantees. So please be sure that each member attending is aware of this. This means that each attendee pays even if they do not receive an individual reading.

These events are often fun, insightful, emotional and educational. But Deanna asks those attending also be respectful of the Spirit world. It takes them much energy to come through for us. So, she asks only a few things:

• People arrive promptly. As Deanna has already asked for spirit to attend the event at a given time. 
• No alcohol consumption until after the Readings are complete. It changes the energy of the room. This is not just her theory. In the past, three events were not productive due to alcohol. If she arrives and alcohol is being consumed, she will leave without pay and your $100.00 deposit will be forfeited. 
• Guests movement (in and out of the room) should be minimized. At times we may take a brief break or bathroom breaks are fine, but the more movement in the room the more difficult the connection. 
• Cell phones should be turned off. 
• Children over age 12 are welcome. Children under 12 are not allowed due to possible distraction and some children are not yet ready for this experience. 

Due to the nature of advanced scheduling, Deanna, on rare occasions, need to reschedule an event due to personal responsibilities or scheduling conflicts.

If you agree to host an event you are agreeing to the terms. You may also want to share this info with your attendees so that they are aware. Thank you for planning your Spirit Gathering Event.